Guest Post Guidelines for the NoMTBF blog

You are welcome to contribute a guest post once or regularly. This platform is to help clear up misunderstandings concerning reliability terms, techniques, and tools. You may have a story or experience or knowledge that will help others understand and avoid mistakes.

These guidelines are for you and hopefully provide useful information as you prepare you material.

  1. Original content only. This helps us stay clear of any copyright issues. Plus, it provides a consistent platform of original material for our readers. I don’t reprint articles from directories or other bloggers, or from other sources.
  2. Authentic voice. This is a blog and you may write in first person. Tell us about your experience and convey you knowledge as if talking to me directly. You have to be engaged (and engage your reader) with the content to come across as authentic.
  3. On topic. We explore the full range of reliability and maintenance engineering specifically the misunderstandings and errors that are common.
  4. Relevant back link. Yes, I will check the links in the article. Linking back your website or company is fine. Keep it on topic though. Links to blatant advertising will not get posted.
  5. Only two back links. Write a good article and show your reader how you think and communicate, and they will want more. The article is not a way to setup 10 links to your blog or site. Only 2 self serving back links and they should be in you bio. Links to resources that amplify the article are great.
  6. Answer comments. We have active readers that will post comments and ask questions. Do them and yourself the favor of providing replies.
  7. Appropriate length. No worries here, long enough to convey your thoughts and not so long as to lose your reader’s interest. I try to be between 500 and 1000 words. A little long for some, yet for technical topics maybe a little short.
  8. Resources. If relevant provide your reader references and additional resources for further study.
  9. Format. Plain text please as I’m working in the html editor of the WordPress site. Provide full URL of any links and if you comfortable with formatting in html, please include them.
  10. Break it up. Make the writing visually interesting rather than a solid block of text, use bullets, lists, tables, graphics, images and paragraphs.

I look forward to your writing as do the readers of the NoMTBF blog. You have the experiences and stories, please share them. You have the knowledge, tell us about it such that we all can benefit. Help us make a difference in the reliability engineering community.

2 thoughts on “Guidelines

    1. HI Dan,


      One thing that would be great is to have another voice regularly write articles for the nomtbf blog. 500 words or so essays.

      Another may be to create a compelling slide deck that we could offer for others to use as they spread the word. Maybe record you giving the presentation and make the slides and recording available on the site, slideshare, vimeo, youtube, etc.

      And, of course I’m open to any ideas you have.



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