We will periodically make announcements related to the overall campaign to eradicate MTBF. If you hear of any significant progress, please let us know so we may let everyone know. Together, one step at at time, we can rid the reliability profession of the scourge of MTBF once and for all.
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Looking for additional authors to join the writing team for the NoMTBF blog. If not interesting in writing join the mailing list and receive weekly updates.

Working on the NoMTBF book – got some great suggestions on a draft, and now working to make the many improvements. Look for announcements on the release soon. 12/7/2014

We have enjoyed a couple of guest posts that have been very popular. See the guidelines if you’d like to send in an article for posting. The offer of a NoMTBF coffee mug stands for any post that receives more than 1,200 visits in a week. See the challenge post for details and let me know when you’d like to see how well our readers enjoy your post (and tell their friends).

Here is a link to my [James McLeish] slides on the problems with MTBF and what should replace it\npresented at the Applied Reliability Symposium last month. “The Transition from MTTF Reliability Predictions to Physics of Failure Reliability Assessments”\nApplied Reliability Symposium 2012, New Orleans, LA, June 2012 A lot of people agree with me on this, the hall was standing room only and the attendees voted me best presentation of the conference.

July 17th, 2012 Linkedin NoMTBF group tops 200 members.

July 16th, 2012 NASA Kennedy Space Center concurs that “knowing only the average life parameter is not sufficient information” link to article

July 15th, 2012 – Established the MailChimp email list in support of the No MTBF site.

July 15th, 2014 – 452 Linkedin NoMTBF members, and 166 on the NoMTBF email list. And, we’re regularly making a difference. Keep at it. Thanks for all the support.

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