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John Steadman Reliable Valve
John Steadman – Reliable Valve

I’m on vacation and this is just a quick post for the week. The top five posts of by visits to date.

How to Calculate MTTF is probably popular as folks may be searching for a way to do this calculation. It’s actually very simple, yet this article asks why would you want to calculate MTBF?

Set a Reliability Goal without MTBF is another recent article and may have gather interest given it may seem impassable to set a goal without MTBF. It is possible and actually useful.

Why The Drain the The Bathtub Curve Matters is a guest post by Kirk Grey. He explores one of the many myths around the common bathtub curve and modern products.

What is the purpose of Reliability Predictions is a guest post by Andrew Roland (3 of the top 5 are guest posts…) where he examines the useful use of predictions and where many have gone astray assuming a use.

Where does 0.7eV Come From – well, actually the activation energy that represents a doubling of rate in a chemical reaction with an increase in temperature of about 10°C is 0.7eV – beyond that Kirk explores the ramifications.

Back at my office next week, and home to find a few more record breaking articles to post. Plus, if you’re interesting in writing a post, either a problem with solution, a case study, or common issue with assumptions related to reliability – let’s see how it does with visits and views.

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