Bought a House Due to Pokemon Go

Reliability and Pokemon GoWalking, Playing and Bought a House

Seriously, while out walking, listening to a podcast, and playing Pokemon Go, found an open house to view. A week later our offer was accepted and next week we close.

I  would not have been out walking that Sunday afternoon if not out playing Pokemon Go.

Glad there are no dangerous cliffs nearby.

I bring this up for three reasons:

  1. Are you addicted to certain reliability practices?
  2. Reliability questions about homes and appliances
  3. Invitation to guest post while I take a break

1. Are you addicted to certain reliability practices?

Do you always run HALT? Do you only use MTBF?

Neither is good in every circumstance. While MTBF is rarely useful, and HALT is often valuable, neither should be employed without thinking.

Playing Pokemon is reinforcing a good habit, at least for me. I’m getting out for a walk more often. Plus, I have met more of my neighbors as they too are now enjoying walks with a smartphone in hand.

As a creature of habit, this game is habit-forming, fun, and does have a few benefits. Can you say the same for all the reliability activities you do habitually?

2. Reliability questions about homes and appliances

The home inspection identified a series of issues. Some that we will address immediately.

For example, a few of the outlets are not properly grounded. We will be hiring a team to eradicate the termites and repair dry rot, too.

The inspector did not comment on the remaining expected useful life of the appliances or structure. Being a reliability engineer, I’m familiar that appliances and structure will eventually fail. Hence, my walk though and assessment.

The furnace, the roof, and all the kitchen appliances are new within the past couple of years. They should remain function with proper care for many years.

The garage door opener sounds a bit shaky, yet is not an expensive replacement.

The claw-foot tubs (one each full bath) will out-live us all with proper care.

Facets, garbage disposal, hot water heater, windows, doors, wiring, plumbing, and so on. Each item got a little consideration during the assessment.

Do you look at your equipment and systems with a fresh eye on occasion? Looking at my current home, I now see some major and many minor issues to address. Do you regularly perform a reliability assessment and take action to improve your system’s performance?

3. Invitation to guest post while I take a break

We expect to take possession of the new home next week, hence this week is busy with preparations. Opening accounts for the services that keep a house in operation. Cleaning out closets and the attic of the current home (where did all that stuff come from?)

Next week will include contractors, service visits, installations, and termite fumigation. Then it’s time to move.

Over the past few years, you have come to expect a new article each week. Sure, I’ve missed a few, yet am proud to deliver nearly every week. The next month will be hectic.

I’m taking a break. See you again in about a month.

In the meantime, if you would like to send over an article suitable for the NoMTBF audience, let’s get your article posted to the site. The guest post would also go out to the over 500 followers.

Generally, guest posts do well, better than my posts for views and comments (I kind of take that personally – and it’s ok)

Send me an article to post. 500 to 1,000 words, add an image if you’d like, your name and affiliation if you’d like it listed, plus a short bio and where someone could find more of your writing or how to connect with you.

I’ll keep you posted on any reliability issues we encounter with the current or new home. The process is daunting and exhilarating. Should be fun.

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I am an experienced reliability engineering and management consultant with my firm FMS Reliability. My passion is working with teams to create cost-effective reliability programs that solve problems, create durable and reliable products, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce warranty costs.

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