Pakistan budgets with MTBF

Now for something completely different. Roaming the net looking for an interesting advertisement or data sheet with a ‘great’ (i.e. bad) example of the mis use of MTBF, ran across that MTBF is actually being used by at least one government for department budgeting.

This is bad.

The annual budget of the Federal Government is based on a medium term budgetary framework (MTBF).  The MTBF is an approach to budgeting that integrates policy-making, planning and budgeting within a medium-term  framework.

The Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance has a page explaining the use of Medium Term Budgetary Framework, or MTBF. You can learn more at
So, when someone says that are using MTBF for their project, we’ll have to wonder if it is the budgeting process them are talking about.

What other MTBF definitions are out there?

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