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No MTBF Tribe

Thanks to Kirk and the folks at TED for sharing another interesting presentation. Seth Godin: The Tribes we lead is a look at how we each can lead a movement to make real change in this world. Tribes and the organization of tribes has been around a long time, in recent years though those that controlled the mass media tried a different way to influence. Continue reading No MTBF Tribe

First Impressions

At first MTBF seems like a commonly used and useful measure of reliability. Trained as a statistician and understanding the use of the expected value that MTBF represented, I thought, ‘cool, this is useful’.

Then the discussions with engineers, technical sales folks and other professionals about reliability using MTBF started. And the awareness that not everyone, and at times it seems very few, truly understood MTBF and how to properly use the measure.

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